Washington State University

NCAA Certification Self-Study Cycle 3

Purpose of the Self-Study

Washington State University is in the third cycle of its NCAA certification self-study. The second cycle was completed in November 2002. You can view that report by clicking on the image at the right of this page.

The central purpose of the NCAA certification program is to produce an unambiguous, factual, and understandable report concerning the activities, management, and general affairs of university athletics. The report will stipulate and verify that the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is being administered in accordance with the operating principles of the NCAA and the university.

An important component of the study consists of opening the affairs of athletics to the entire university community and the general public. All key campus groups are involved in the self-study, and the involvement of peer reviewers external to the institution will provide the verification and evaluation of the methodology and results of the study.

A steering committee and three subcommittees have been formed to gather and analyze data and information about athletics and to produce the final report for the study. More information on these committees can be found by following the committees link at the left. The three key areas represented in the report are:

  • Academic Integrity
  • Gender/Diversity Issues and Student-athlete Well-Being
  • Governance and Commitment to Rules Compliance

If you have comments, suggestions, or questions related to this self-study and the certification process, we encourage you to contact one of the committee members, or someone listed on the contacts page of this site.

Current Report Cycle 3 April 2011

2011 Self-Study Report


Previous Reports

Cycle 2

November 2002

2002 Self-Study Report

Cycle 1
October 1996

1996 Self-Study Report


Academic Services Review Report